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magazine advertising insert, DEMDACO


A four page advertising insert glued to a one page bound ad in the June 2018 issue of Gifts and Decorative Accessories magazine.

We did two placements of a four page insert plus a full page ad per year, coinciding with summer and winter wholesale shows, to entice retailers to visit DEMDACO's showrooms. Gifts and Decorative Accessories is a well- known industry publication, so strategically it made sense to be seen there. This insert was shortly after DEMDACO's product development team began to shift to an "urban farmhouse" aesthetic, which lead my team to begin to shift the lighting, styling and overall aesthetic of the photography. There was also a shift to less emphasis on including all categories, letting us focus on what was performing well. My strategy for the insert and ad themselves was to show products from all categories if possible, but with a focus on what did well in consumer testing and on new introductions in top performing product lines. Existing photography that was shot for the wholesale catalogs was repurposed for these ads, which made shifting to more cohesive photography style even more important as we tried to get everything we could out of the assets we had.

Creative Director: Peter Friedmann

Art Direction & Design: Dana Allison-Hill

Photography: Darryl Bernstein

Stylist: Abby Campbell

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