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daily meeting newspapers, TriStar Publishing, Inc.

Variety of covers and pages from TriStar medical association daily publications.

TriStar serves medical association clients by producing daily newspapers, magpapers and other meeting materials for their annual meetings. Medical professionals attend these meetings to gain knowledge and training on innovations in their specialties. I was tasked with using meeting and association logos provided to create a flags, or header designs for the publications that were unique to the association and meeting location, and the layout
of publications for clients. Some articles and layouts were produced ahead of the meeting and approved by the client. On site reporting and
photography were produced during the meeting, dropped into layout, edited — then the papers were printed overnight at a printer in the city where the meeting was located. Meetings are
3 to 6 days long, with a new publication printed each day.

Design and Art Direction: Dana Allison-Hill

Copy: Cody Holt and staff writers

Meeting Photography: Dana Allison-Hill, Cody Holt

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