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selected pieces from DEMDACO branding refresh


DEMDACO branding elements 2019

Part of the brand refresh was creating a pool of patterns inspired by DEMDACO artists and the handmade aspects of the products. This led to playing with geometric patterns from products, as well as playing with watercolors to create soft, organic pattens inspired by knitted textures and stitching. Having these options allowed for the opportunity to use them everywhere, including as a frosted pattern on glass partitions within the company headquarters, tissue paper for the retail store, and notecards inserted into every online order. The iconography set was created for web and social use to help customers find products for holidays and common celebrations, but also work in catalogs as well as for way finding signage within retail and showroom settings.


Producing the business cards and notecards as part of DEMDACO's 2019 branding refresh was a close collaboration with the printer. We had to devise a way to produce the combination of textures we wanted, within budget. The three brand patterns on the back of the cards were printed then embossed and then married with the sheets printed with the contact info, creating a substantial card with subtle tactile details. The notecards featuring another brand pattern and embossing are for corporate use and for the fulfillment center to tuck into every online order.

Creative Director: Nate Fraley

Art Direction: Dana Allison-Hill

Design: Kelsey Mack, Dana Allison-Hill

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