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Live Well, Be Well—SS'22, MERSEA for Anthropologie

My team and I designed the packaging for this collection for Anthropologie stores and on-line in Spring 2022. The art for this collection was a progression of the art for the FW '21 collection. It still focused on organic, leafy shapes but this time, the backgrounds were flat fields of bright pastels. We used textured papers for boxes and tags, as well as fabric tags to add tactile interest.

Product Development: Johanna Fisher and Liz Blumeyer

Art Direction: Dana Allison-Hill

Packaging and Graphic Design: Dana Allison-Hill, Kayla Heckman and Jenice Hernandez 

Copywriting: Dana Allison-Hill and Jacinda Hoehn

If you like seeing the design files like this box for the Diffuser Pendant at right, there's lots more where that came from!


Reach out, and let's nerd out on packaging together.

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