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Live Well, Be Well—FW'21, MERSEA for Anthropologie

The senior designer and I designed the packaging for this collection for Anthropologie stores and on-line in Fall 2021. This is some of Anthropologie's product photos plus the design files. Liz in Product Development wanted to see organic natural shapes on backgrounds that looked painted. The color palette was rich, darker colors for fall. In Photoshop, we punched the shapes through the backgrounds so the soft, creamy paper color would show through when printed.

Product Development: Johanna Fisher and Liz Blumeyer

Art Direction: Dana Allison-Hill

Packaging and Graphic Design: Dana Allison-Hill, Kayla Heckman

Copywriting: Dana Allison-Hill

Here's how the collection was merchandised at a Anthropologie location in the Kansas City area.

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