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marketing fold out, DEMDACO


Marketing fold out for DEMDACO Giving Collection, 2017

I designed two fold out brochures for this collection that were distributed to retailers at DEMDACO's three showrooms during different Gift Markets. I show one of those unfolded here. Fold outs are a challenge and I was excited to design this to play with scale, and the reveal of content as the viewer unfolded the pieces. The unique gift opportunities these products were made for have made them popular, and the fold outs helped them stand out as more than another teddy bear or shawl to wholesale buyers. At the end are my initial sketches for one of the pieces. I knew what photography I had to work with — we didn't do a shoot for these pieces, so figuring out how to use what I had was a big part of the design process.

Creative Director: Trish Podlesek and Peter Friedmann

Design: Dana Allison-Hill

Photography: Darryl Bernstein

Styling: Abby Campbell

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