mother's day catalog, DEMDACO


Pages from DEMDACO's 2019 catalog. The 36 page catalog was sent to over 100,000 homes in April 2019.

This was DEMDACO's first direct to consumer catalog. The team used the brand customers' psychographic traits to build a story around how products could be part of Mother's Day celebrations. The other goal of the catalog was to introduce customers who don't know the brand by telling the stories of the artists who design products for DEMDACO, and the personal connections to their designs.

The design and layout of the consumer catalog differs from the wholesale catalogs, but uses the same colors, fonts, photography style and design elements found across all of the brand's marketing.

Creative Director: Nate Fraley

Art Direction & Design: Dana Allison-Hill

Photography: Landon Collis

Stylist: Abby Campbell

Copywriting: Andy Graham

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