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mother's day catalog, DEMDACO


Pages from DEMDACO's 2019 catalog.


DEMDACO's first direct to consumer catalog was 36 page catalog was sent to over 100,000 homes in April 2019.

CONCEPT: The story of a family's moments leading up to and on Mother's Day. Fundamentally DEMDACO wants to be a part of important moments in people's lives, and this concept allowed us to do it in a fun way that supported the brand identity. The team used the brand customers' psychographic traits to build out the story and cast a group of talent to represent a family.



  1. Feature four categories of DEMDACO products (home décor, kitchen/entertaining, fashion, baby) plus the Willow Tree brand, focusing on products in each category that are already performing well via online B2C.

  2. Include stories of the artists and skilled artisans who design DEMDACO's products — many of whom are women and inspired by family and motherhood.

  3. Introduce DEMDACO to consumers as a company that cares, and gives back through a variety of ways.

THE CHALLENGE: The Creative Services team was given a list of products that needed to appear, including furniture from Unruh to support that partnership. The concept allowed us to find ways to incorporate the products into scenarios that felt natural and met our product quota per spread. The family story wasn't overtly told in the catalog, but copywriting supported the lifestyle photography showing a progression of tender family moments.


I asked the creator of the Kitchen Boa (who is also a chef) to contribute a recipe for the catalog that family could make together. It hit several of our goals on the storyboard for the kitchen and baking spread showing mom and daughter together and showcased another DEMDACO/artist relationship.


There was much discussion about the cover, and many different shots. Despite concern about being seen as a "kitchen store," Product Development agreed that the sentiment on the cutting board told an important story about DEMDACO, and was an engaging image to introduce the company into homes.

Creative Director: Nate Fraley

Art Direction & Design: Dana Allison-Hill

Photography: Landon Collis

Stylist: Abby Campbell

Copywriting: Andy Graham

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