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art direction and design for "The It List," KC Magazine

A variety of layouts and photography from "The It List" department in KC Magazine.

"The It List" was KC Magazine's largest department in the magazine, clocking in at around 15 pages per issue. The idea was the print version of, and the now defunct early 2000's shopping bible, Lucky magazine (RIP). After determining the content and flat plan (ladder) for the issue, I would decide what we could source photography for, and what we would shoot. For "The It List" I planned a day to shoot for it as well as one or two smaller stories with a freelance photographer depending on complexity. Then I'd go about looking at what products we're featuring and deciding how I wanted to present them. Here you see a variety of shots art directed and in many cases styled by me, and layouts I created from collaging flat lays and/or provided photography. I thankfully often had the editor in chief and the associate editor on set because they would begin writing editorial, and were welcome extra sets of hands.

Art Direction, Styling and Graphic Design: Dana Allison-Hill

Editorial: Lara Hale and Kelsey Cipolla

Photography: Aaron Lindberg and provided

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