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look book brochures, DEMDACO


Look book brochures for new DEMDACO products, winter 2019–2020.

Look books give the DEMDACO sales force a reason to call on their accounts before winter and summer markets. We created look books for new products from several categories including fashion accessories, home décor and gifts. The other strategy behind selling early is to get a read on whether more product should be ordered if demand is high to avoid being out of stock of new products. The design and copy strategy was to tell a compelling story about product quality and benefits. Photography presents the products several ways to show style and use, and design presents the products cleanly showing different display and purchase options. Brochures were printed on a velvet finish stock and saddle stitched where necessary.

Creative Director: Nate Fraley

Art Direction: Dana Allison-Hill

Design: Kelsey Mack and Dana Allison-Hill

Copy: L.A. Fraley

Photography: Landon Collis and Langevision Studio (China)

Stylist: Abby Campbell

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