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Oh So Cozy! Holiday Collection 2021 for MERSEA

My team and I designed the packaging for the MERSEA 2021 holiday collection—their largest holiday collection to date, and the largest collection I had art directed there to date. This was one of my favorite collections at MERSEA because it was sizable and had so many moving parts. Different vendors (domestic and in overseas) each with their own timelines for when they needed art to product samples for our approval made it a complicated but rewarding project. We were excited to use all the patterns we had designed in different ways.
The packaging and tagging used light cream colored papers and it was exciting to use embossing and gold foil on many of the pieces. Our team really came together for this one, and the feedback from retailers and customers was positive.

See more about the packaging for this collection here.

Product Development: Johanna Fisher and Liz Blumeyer

Art Direction: Dana Allison-Hill

Packaging and Graphic Design: Dana Allison-Hill, Kayla Heckman and
Jenice Hernandez 

Copywriting: Dana Allison-Hill and Melanie Bolin


If you like seeing the design files like the box for this candle, there's lots more where that came from!

Contact me, and we nerd out on packaging together.

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